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    How to Choose the Right Cabinet Handles

    How to Choose the Right Cabinet Handles

    Choosing the right cabinet handle for your home can be a tough task, lucky for you, here at M4TEC we are here to help you pick out that perfect handle to compliment your design!


    Take inspiration from everything around you, whether that be a friends kitchen or a bedroom you've seen online. We are here to provide you with the accessories to complete your perfect room!

    Whether it be a full kitchen re-design or a quick DIY fix in the bedroom - M4TEC has a wide range of handles to suit your needs from modern contemporary, to a traditional classic.

    Quality, Style and Size

    We would never sell anything we don't use ourselves! All M4TEC products are tried & tested by furniture installation professionals, ourselves! and are guaranteed to withstand heavy handling and daily wear and tear! Purchase your own handles with confidence, as each and every one of them is backed by a superior, no-questions-asked 30-Day Money-Back Guarantee AND a 2-year warranty!

    All vital qualities to be searching for when on the hunt for a new accessory.

    You are looking for handles that are going to last a long time made from good quality materials. Chances are these handles are everyday use items so they must be built to last!

    The style is also a major talking point when purchasing a new handle. This can turn a good kitchen into a great kitchen and make a real statement about your home so it is important to choose the right style to match your existing design.

    Lastly, size. There is no handle to big or too small here at M4TEC but you have to be realistic when thinking about sizing. You wouldn't put a huge handle on a small narrow drawer, would you? So be reasonable and think about proportions size relative to your doors and drawers.





    Peel & Stick Screw Caps changed everything!

    Peel & Stick Screw Caps changed everything!

    What are KwikCaps?

    KwikCaps are self-adhesive stick on cover caps designed to match up to many Egger or Kronospan laminate boards. Gone are the days of tapping on little plastic covers that barely resemble the colour and tend to pop right back off at the slightest touch. 

    Not only are our caps fast and easy to apply. They are a near identical match to the panels. And we do not just look to get the colour right. We match the grain also. Have a look at the image below.

    KwikCaps Self Adhesive Egger Screw Caps

    How do I apply them?

    This part is easy, simply peel and stick! We make our KwikCaps in 13mm & 20mm dimensions so there is plenty surface area around the screw to get a good stick.

    Professional bond 3M Self Adhesive glue is used on our caps so they will not fall off. The glue even works outdoors and stands up to all temperature changes.


    Who uses them?

    Our caps are now used by some of the largest furniture manufacturers and are distributed worldwide on a daily basis. We still offer our caps in low quantities even down to a single sheet as we want everybody to be able to use them.


    What colours are available?

    Our range is always changing to suit on-trend colours and styles so it is best to check our product page by CLICKING HERE.

    We work hard to match the current Egger & Kronospan board colours where possible and we base our new colour choices on demand from customers.


    Where can I order?

    You can order online at all times by CLICKING HERE

    Are you a trade customer? Sign up for a trade account and save on every order of KwikCaps. Sign up here: https://m4tec.com/pages/trade-discount

    Why choose sliding wardrobe doors over hinged doors?

    Why choose sliding wardrobe doors over hinged doors?

    Space is everything...

    When it comes to storage, space is very often limited. For that very reason, sliding wardrobe doors make so much sense. Hinged doors will often swing out up to 60cm from your wardrobe. If you are tight on space already why not think about sliding options?

    M4TEC Spacepro Sliding Wardrobe Doors

    Will they fit my space?

    We have many options available to ensure we can get a system to work for you. We have a large range of fixed size doors which all suit an opening height of 2260mm. If that does not work for you or you are looking for a different design then that is no problem at all. We have been hand making sliding wardrobe doors in the UK since 1980 and we continue this today. You can give the team a call on 01698 209888 or request a quote via our dedicated website here: https://spaceprowardrobes.co.uk/


    What are the benefits of sliding doors?

    As mentioned before, space is the main benefit but there are more. Take a look at the list below:

    • Easy maintenance & a 10-year guarantee on moving parts
    • Hundreds of possible design combinations
    • Very easy to keep clean
    • Can be self installed without the expense of a joiner
    • Dedicated UK sliding door experts available on 01698 209888

    Shop our range of Spacepro Sliding Wardrobe Doors today by CLICKING HERE

    Simple but amazingly effective home furniture transformation

    Simple but amazingly effective home furniture transformation

    Do you notice them?

    You use your cabinet handles every day but they are easily overlooked when it comes to a redesign or an upgrade to your Kitchen, Bedroom or Bathroom. You may notice when you visit nice hotels that the furniture handles really stand out. This is because a lot of time is taken to choose the correct handle as it is the ultimate finishing touch to your furniture.

    For that reason, our product development team spend a great deal of time sourcing on trend cabinet handles that we can offer to our customers. The next time a friend visits, you want them to notice how nice your handles are when they are reaching for a glass. It is a statement piece of your home and M4TEC handles have excelled in our unique and constantly growing ranges.

    My new kitchen comes with handles included!

    This is by far the easiest way to save yourself a lot of money. Ask if you can provide the handles yourself. The fitters will usually be attaching the handles on site anyway so it makes no difference to them but it can save you a huge amount. Often up to £30 per handle is built into your cost and this adds up to hundreds of pounds. The alternative is sometimes cheaper handles that are not built to handle the daily wear and tear. 

    Due to the extremely tough quality control process at M4TEC, you can rest assured that your new handles will stay in perfect condition for a very long time.


    Can I fit them myself?

    Absolutely! When getting a new kitchen or bedroom fitted, your fitters will, of course, do it for you but if you are looking to simply replace what you have, it is a very easy job. Most of the time, handles are made in common sizes and we stock handles in almost every size. 

    The important size is what we call the centre holes which is the distance between the screw holes. If you measure this space you will most likely find many handles in our ranges that are available in the same size making it simply a case of removing and replacing. It is a job that can be done in a few minutes and will completely change the look and feel of your kitchen or bedroom.


    Why buy from M4TEC?

    • Dedicated UK Customer Phone support
    • 30 Day no quibble money-back guarantee
    • FREE Screws included with all handles
    • FREE measuring tape included with every order
    • Trusted by over 250,000 customers worldwide

    Shop online today by CLICKING HERE